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Frequently Asked Questions

Requirements, Warranty and General Questions

What is required to rent a car with National Car Rental?
  • Customer must to be 23 years old or older
  • Credit card with available funds from $ 500.00 for rental guarantee .
  • Panamanian Citizens: ID and Driver’s licence.
  • Foreign citizens: Valid ID or passport and driver’s license or international driver’s license from country of origin. Foreign citizens can rent with their driver´s license until 3 months after the entry.
Is it necessary to provide a guarantee when picking up the vehicle?
It is a mandatory requirement to provide a credit card as guarantee. Any other form of payment will not be accepted as guarantee.
When i reserve my car, do i have to pay for it in advance?
A reservation is free of charges. The rental payment will be made when you return the car.
Which are the valid form of payment?
  • Credit cards as American Express, Mastercard, Visa are accepted.
  • Debit cards, checks and cash are not accepted as guarantee.
How long are reservations held?
Reservations are kept up to 2 hours after the requested time of pickup. After that time, the vehicle will be made available for other rentals. Exceptions are for customers notifying any delay prior original scheduled time calling to our Call Center at (507) 275-7222.
Can i return the car in another city?
  • The Drop off is the charge that applies when the rented vehicle is returned in a different location than retirement.
  • Tocumen International Airport to any of our offices in Panama City and vice versa: $ 15.00
  • From any of our offices at Hotel Royal Decameron Costa Blanca and vice versa: from $ 75.00.
  • From any of our offices to David, Chiriquí and vice versa: US $ 190.00.
Foreign customers have to pay ITBMS tax?
Yes, all customers who hire a car in Panama must pay taxes.
Is it possible to include an additional driver?
Yes, additional drivers must meet all qualifications as the primary driver in regard to age, licence and major credit card. There is a charge of $5.00 per day for each additional driver and should be registered when signing the contract.
What accessories or services can I include in my service of rental?
  • Mobile Internet
  • Baby Car Seats
When renting as individual is it possible to request the bill to a company name?
To request billing to a company for a vehicle rented as natural person, it is necessary to present the company information at the office when you rent a car.
What should i do if i need to extend my rental?
If payment is made by credit card you should come to any of our office or call us to extend the rental agreement. Also you can send an email to operaciones@nationalpanama.com
How long does it take to release the deposit that is held on my credit card?
The term is defined by the bank that issue the credit card, this could take at least 24 hours.

Additional charges

Is there any additional charge to the rate published in the web site?
  • For all rentals originating at Tocumen International Airport a charge of 12% over time and Kilometer will apply as Concession Fee.
  • For all rentals originating at Marcos A. Gelabert Airport in Albrook and Enrique Malek Airport in David, the Concession Fee will be 6%.
Are there fuel charges?
The vehicle is delivered with a full fuel tank and must be returned likewise. Otherwise, there is an additional charge.
Can I purchase in advance the tank of gas at time of rental?
You have the option to prepay the fuel at the time of rental and no need to refuel the vehicle before you return.
May I take the vehicle abroad?
Driving is restricted to Panama.
Is there an Concession Fee?
Yes, There is an Concession Fee when hire at any airport. This charge applies on time & mileage rate only

Accidents and Coverages

What are the basic coverages?
  • CPCR(CDW): Colision and Theft Partial Waiver.
  • DAT: Third Party Liability.
Which are the coverages available and what do they include?
  • CDW Collision Damage Waiver: Covers damages to the rented car and total theft. This coverage does not exempt payment of the deductible (up to $2,500.00).
  • TPC Third Party Coverage: It exempts clients from paying damages caused to third persons or property, if liable for it.
  • DW Deductible Waiver: For a minimum rate, clients are exempted from deductible payment in case of collision.
  • PAC Personal Accidents Coverage: Also for a minimum rate, in case of an accident clients will have a medical coverage.
  • WTC Windshield & Tires Waiver: Covers breakage of tires, rims (or wheels) and glasses of the vehicle..
  • SDW Super Deductible Waiver: Cover clients in case of overtuning, hit and run, collision against fixed object. Also included in this coverage protection against breakage of tires, rims, and glasses of the car. Police report is mandatory.
  • SLW Supplemental Liability Waiver: Offers a Liability up to $300,000.00
  • RAP Road Assistance Program: provides 24/7 road assistance in cases of cars locked with keys inside, power pass when battery looses charge, change of tires or emergency refueling. It´s added automatically to the rental agreement although the lient can decline it in which case client will be charged for necessary road side assistance. Response time will vary depending on time and place where assitance is required.
What should i do if the car gets involved in an accident?
  • Never accept arrangements or assume responsibility for the accident.
  • Notify the Transit Authority to send an agent to file a report (511-7000 / 511-0547).
  • Report immediately to our office, calling the numbers listed on your keychain or jacket.
  • Take a picture of the cars and the accident scene. Try to draw sketch.
  • If nobody was wounded and the car can move, please remove it from the road to avoid traffic obstruction.
  • Once the Police Report has been completed, please come to any of our offices to fill an internal report and proceed with the change of unit.