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Which are the coverages available and what do they include?

  • CDW Collision Damage Waiver: Covers damages to the rented car and total theft. This coverage does not exempt payment of the deductible (up to $2,500.00).
  • TPC Third Party Coverage: It exempts clients from paying damages caused to third persons or property, if liable for it.
  • DW Deductible Waiver: For a minimum rate, clients are exempted from deductible payment in case of collision.
  • PAC Personal Accidents Coverage: Also for a minimum rate, in case of an accident clients will have a medical coverage.
  • WTC Windshield & Tires Waiver: Covers breakage of tires, rims (or wheels) and glasses of the vehicle..
  • SDW Super Deductible Waiver: Cover clients in case of overtuning, hit and run, collision against fixed object. Also included in this coverage protection against breakage of tires, rims, and glasses of the car. Police report is mandatory.
  • SLW Supplemental Liability Waiver: Offers a Liability up to $300,000.00
  • RAP Road Assistance Program: provides 24/7 road assistance in cases of cars locked with keys inside, power pass when battery looses charge, change of tires or emergency refueling.
    It´s added automatically to the rental agreement although the lient can decline it in which case client will be charged for necessary road side assistance.
    Response time will vary depending on time and place where assitance is required.